Yet More Traffic Lights in Torrance


The residents and visitors to Torrance will have to endure yet more traffic lights. Just as soon as we get rid of one set, that ran well past their due date, we get another. This time on Torrance Road (A807) at Bogton Farm.

These works are associated with providing a new connection to a property at Bogton Farm.  In order for the works to be carried out in a safe manner, temporary two-way traffic signals incorporating a pedestrian crossing facility will be used to control traffic movements on Torrance Road at the works location, from 9.30am until 3.30pm, each day, from Monday 25 July 2016 until Thursday 28 July 2016.  The temporary traffic signals will be manually controlled at all times.  The use of temporary traffic signals will result in delays to traffic on Torrance Road.

Advance warning signs will be erected on street one week prior to the start of the works.

Let’s see if these works run to more than double the length of the time stated.

On the subject of BT carrying out upgrading work, when oh when is Torrance ever going to receive fibre optic broadband? I am aware that some places in Torrance do already have it, but I think it is a disgrace that we are so far behind in East Dunbartonshire.

I have just enquired today with my ISP provider and I have been told that they don’t have any timescale for when I’ll be connected. My ISP provider is a subsidiary of BT, so if they don’t know…!

The screen capture blow is from BT’s Openreach website. It makes reference to a partnership with our Local Authority. Does anyone know what this means? Should we be contacting our Councillors?

Fibre Optic Broadband

Do you have fibre optic broadband? What does “partnership with our Local Authority” mean?


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