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The planning application reference for the Tower Farm development is TP/ED/15/0541 and can be accessed via the following link and typing the reference number into the search box at the bottom of the page:
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  1. Graham Kidd on

    Objection recorded on Planning Website by myself;

    A great deal of reference within the attached documentation agrees on the need to protect the ‘Tower Burn Corridor’, recognised as an area of ecological importance. Recorded as being inhabited with bats, otters, brown trout, owl(s) to name but a few of the abundant wildlife inhabiting this ‘corridor’. This together with the naturally supporting meadow.

    The developer however proposes to construct a circa 6m wide road, footpath and bridge directly from Maitland Drive over said burn and channelled directly through said corridor of significant biodiversity?

    In addition as a resident of Maitland Drive, I am more than concerned about the potential ‘rat run’ effect through a built up housing estate providing an alternative route from Balmore Road to Campsie Road in avoidance of a congested main street.

    Indeed, I would draw the council’s attention to the blocking off of Forth Road into Allander Drive as it was being used as a thoroughfare in the late eighties. As a recent former resident of Forth Road, I have witnessed on a number of occasions, car users attempting and failing to drive through the estate as a short cut. Further reference can be made to Mill Crescent which is currently overused as a thoroughfare having grown up on School Road.

    Access to the local primary school by residents of the proposed development would be channelled towards Maitland Drive into Buchanan Place. This is a cul de sac pathed entrance to the rear of the school and is normally congested during drop off and collection times. Clearly unsuitable considering the safety of all road users and residents.

    Notwithstanding the arguably large amount of brownfield with the East Dunbartonshire council area and the accepted need to build houses, there is an obvious point for rejection.

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