The Torrance Website Back Up and Running


Some of you may have noticed that the Torrance website was out of action for a few weeks. Not anymore!

I had noticed a few technical problems with it and decided to take my time and put them right. I did run into some unexpected difficulties with the hosting company during this maintenance and after many days spent listening to Casio concertos down a phone line, I decided to switch. The switch was not pain-free and it was only this weekend, that I managed to get everything fixed and publish the site.

Please have a look through the site and register for the Forums. These Forums are a great way of asking questions, selling or donating stuff and voicing your opinion of anything affecting Torrance and its surroundings. The site also has the ability to allow you to add your own post or register to become a frequent contributor.

The site is free to use and if you own a small business in or around Torrance, you can even advertise on the site completely free of charge. Just contact me and we can work out what would be best for your business.

Here’s how to use the facilities mentioned.


Use the form on any page to register for the site. This will give you access to not only read the Forums but also contribute to existing discussions and create your own discussions.

Add a Post

Use the link in the footer of every page.

Register as a Contributor

Use the link in the footer of every page.

Advertise your business

Use the form on the Contact Page

Creating a one-off single post is a great way to advertise an event you may be hosting or taking part in. The Torrance website has a large circulation and by simply completing the form to add a single post, you can advertise and raise awareness free of charge. Don’t hesitate to use this great facility.

If you have any questions about the site, please contact me and I will get back to you.


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