Torrance Community Council


Just to clarify, Torrance Community Council is a voluntary organisation that is running extremely short of volunteers. We currently have four members, all of whom work and/or study. We are impartial and hold meetings on the second Thursday of every month. Everyone is welcome to come along to these public meetings and this has always been the case.

Despite our best efforts to engage the people of… Torrance, usually not one member of the public turns up to our meetings. Sometimes our community police officers and local councillors come to discuss matters.

Our next meeting is Thursday 11th December and I would encourage those of you who have recently become involved with community issues to please come along and share your opinions or concerns. Without this interaction, TCC has no way of gauging public opinion on community matters.

If you can spare one evening a month, we would welcome villagers to step forward and become a member of TCC.

With regards to the proposed houses in Torrance, which is an issue that many of you feel strongly about, I would like to point out that this was advertised on the community notice board, which is situated in the village memorial for the past six weeks in the lead up to last night’s public meeting. It was also posted on our partner website These timescales are as such due to the dates of our meetings, which is when we get together to discuss issues like this.

At this stage, there is no planning application which has been submitted. This is currently at the consultation stage which has been on-going for the past eleven weeks. This means that no one can yet formally object to this proposal, including the community council as an organisation. Neighbours in the surrounding area have been notified by the planners, which is standard procedure.

This consultation period allows planners, councillors and village groups such as TCC to discuss the matter at length. When the time comes to object or support planning applications, TCC will take into consideration, the public opinion that has been observed at these discussions.

Once again, TCC welcomes any discussions and/or concerns to be brought to our attention and also would welcome and help from volunteers who wish to engage with community issues.


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