Planning Application


The major planning application for new housing development in the fields beside Tower Farm has finally been submitted to East Dunbartonshire Council. This is an Application in Principal which effectively only changes the land use from designated green belt to land for development. Key aspects relating to number of properties, road layout and affordable housing are for guidance only – they will probably change before final construction.

There are only 21 days to respond – the closing date is 30 July 2015.

Many people will not have received any formal notification from the Council as only those on the boundary of the development must be informed. However, this does not mean that you cannot respond as part of the community. A leaflet will be distributed around the village early next week outlining key points for responding and how to make sure any objections are valid.

Remember also that each person within your household can submit a response.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the great website. I can’t find the planning application on the EDC planning pages, please could you post a link or the reference number? Thanks Dave

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