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Sorry for the late update, but the last opportunity for comment on the Local Plan is by 5pm on 27 May.

In general a Local plan only requires passive acceptance i.e. we do not have to do anything unless we object to any proposals. We have recently been advised that it would be useful to encourage active acceptance of the Local Plan proposals. This would provide further community evidence to support a refusal of any possible future Planning Appeal (assuming that Planning Permission for Tower Farm is refused).

If you agree that the village has reached an optimum size and are able to fill out a brief Survey Monkey form, it will go a long way to meeting our desires for the village. You will find the Survey Monkey link about 2/3 of the way down this page:

Click here to link to Survey Monkey Form

I filled the survey in by referencing the Proposed Local Development Plan, Page 14 and Policy 3. I left the site details blank (as there is no active development proposal). On the following page I stated that I supported the regeneration and protection of the green belt in line with the comments previously issued by the Scottish Government Reporter in June 2011.

You may wish to add your own comments.


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  1. Alan Cameron on

    The above website is down at present as of 09.00 27th May !
    I have already informed the planning dept. & raised the issue with them that this is the last day to fill in the survey form.

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