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Development-MapA proposal to build 140 houses is about to be submitted for the fields between Tower Road and Maitland Drive.  There are currently approximately 900 houses in our village – this is a massive development! Further significant development at a number of sites around the village will undoubtedly follow if planning approval is granted for this location. Following the recent public consultation, a group of residents has decided to seek the views of the community for this major development which will be constructed entirely within the Green Belt.

The majority of the agricultural land around Torrance is owned by developers. Approval of the proposed planning application would make it very difficult to oppose future erosion of the countryside around Torrance, Balmore and beyond as a clear precedent would then exist.

  • Up to 20% increase in the village population
  • Linking of roads between Maitland Drive, Tower Road, Smeaton Ave / Forth Road – rat runs!
  • Traffic congestion around our village school and Main Street shops
  • Wholly inadequate public transport only operating with subsidies
  • Unclear prospect for any improvements to community facilities or number of shops
  • No increase in long term local employment
  • Loss of village identity

A public meeting is being held on Monday 17 November at 7.45 in the Primary School to determine if the community is willing to join together and oppose any development within the Green Belt.  There will be a brief presentation followed by an opportunity for discussion and to question our Councillors.

Please join us and let the Council know that development on the Green Belt is not acceptable.

You can indicate if you will be attending this meeting by commenting below or replying to the event created on Facebook.



  1. Jim McGarvie on

    Born and brought up in Torrance, simple question is where does it stop? PRETTY soon Torrance and Balmore will no longer be separate, and as you start to increase on that scale you may well find an increase on Petty crime, traffic etc. No doubt there’ll be a few brown envelopes passed about to make it go ahead!

  2. Iain Smith on

    I find this hilarious, the people against this are all living in the “new houses”!
    My family who have lived in the village and surrounding area for hundreds of years wanted to sell land for development of a small select housing estate and have for many years been refused because of the green belt!
    The snobs and fur coat and no knicker brigade opposed time after time, yet they feel it is ok to use said private land to exercise their dogs and use it as a cut through !
    I think that if this development goes through it will be because palms have been greased and their will be riots esp from my side of the family!
    Those of you that are incomers have a cheek, it was the building of the comben and other alike development s that caused our lovely village to become what it is now!!!

    • Lesley Grogan on

      So whats your stance then Iain? Are you against the development because no one else should be able to profit from land sale to developers because your family weren’t able to? That people in the ‘new’ houses have no say in the development of their village? Incomers? Jesus it’ll be the pitch forks out next.

  3. Lisa Clark on

    Like others we too had not heard of these plans and are entirely against them. We will not be able to make this meeting but will keep up to date with the progression of the proposal and will oppose it at every opportunity.

  4. Lesley Grogan on

    This is the first time we have heard of any such plans! We too are totally against this and will personally be affected by this proposed development which is literally at our back door! Unfortunately we wont be able to make this meeting but want to support and get involved in any future action proposed to voice our objections .I assume our local MSP is aware and getting involved. Please keep us updated.

  5. Alistair Halley on

    Has anyone verified the capacity of both the primary school and also the nursery and compared this to the current school and nursery role – if this development took place would there be capacity to accommodate the potential number of additional children from such a large development? The information if not readily disclosed by EDC may be available under a Freedom of Information request to EDC. I am totally against this development but valid objections in relation to planning should only be focused on and from prior experience will only be considered on key issues such as amenity ( shops/ school capacity etc) increased Main Street traffic congestion with the absence of sufficient off street parking at the only shop, access and congestion with potential safety issues at the two road junctions particularly from Tower road on to Balmore road where the Comben estate houses already exit from what is simply a T junction, capacity for water supply/ sewage?
    I will be attending the meeting.

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