Keep Torrance a Village – update


It’s been a bit quiet lately from the prospective developer and I thought I’d post an update.

The development at Tower Farm will not be included in the Main Issues Report and thanks to the work of the Community Council in providing feedback to the Planning Dept. This means that the Council planning policy does not include for development at this location.

We now understand that Geddes Consulting (on behalf of Hallam Land) wish to make a presentation to the next Community Council meeting on 12 March to outline their updated proposals following the consultation with the village last October. This is part of the planning process and they are entitled to seek a view from the Community Council. However, the Community Council has responded by saying that the normal venue would be inappropriate given the likely numbers who would wish to attend.

It has been suggested that Geddes hire the school hall and leaflet the village in the same way that KTAV did in November. I think this is unlikely to happen as they will only engage as much as they have to and keeping numbers low will make the process easier for them.

We believe that it is intended to submit a planning application towards the end of March.

A leaflet has been prepared for distribution around the village to help people who may wish to object to the planning application. This will ensure that the objections are valid (in planning terms) and must be given due consideration by the Planning Department

More updates as we get them…..


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