How to comment on the Planning Application


Probably the quickest and easiest way to comment on the Major Planning Application at Tower Farm is by email to:

Even better – click <here> to email all the East Dunbartonshire Councillors and the Planning Department at once. Let them know the strength of feeling against this unnecessary development in the green belt.

Include the planning reference TP/ED/15/0541 and copy and paste as much or as little of the following text as you like:

This development is on green belt land and has not been included as developable land in the East Dunbartonshire Council Local Plan.
• Green belt boundaries identified in local development plans should reflect the long term settlement strategy and ensure that settlements are able to accommodate planned growth.
• The Local Plan states that there will be a strong presumption against inappropriate development in the green belt.
• In 2011, the Scottish Government Reporter could find no justification for the removal of this site from the green belt.
• There are already sufficient alternative development sites identified within East Dunbartonshire.
• The development will significantly increase traffic congestion around school entrances and on Maitland Drive, West Balgrochan Road and Main Street. Safe access to the school for young children will be further compromised.
• Internally generated village road traffic has not been considered in the Transport Assessment and the peak times assessment does not consider the school traffic between 0845 and 0900
• There is already inadequate parking provision on Main Street and Campsie Road to access shops and community facilities, including the Caldwell Halls. This cannot be resolved with school buses and delivery vehicles continuing to cause significant congestion.
• There is insufficient public transport linking Torrance to adjacent settlements, particularly in the evening, and therefore the site does not meet the sustainable claims of the developer.

Add any additional comments or concerns that you may have.

Include your name and address.


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